Create a Sentence?


To create a sentence, you need a subject and a verb plus some other figures of speech added in. You don't want to continuously have the same length of sentences because this creates a bland subject matter. Instead, you should create sentences of differing lengths that are bright and vibrant and explain exactly what you are thinking or looking at. The more descriptive words you can use in a sentence, the better the sentence will sound.
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1. Write the subject of the sentence and follow it with a vertical line. Write the verb after the vertical line. For example, a simple sentence 'It rained' would be written 'It' followed
The animals were standing on the cliff to over look the forest.
1. Paint the picture in your mind. Paint the picture in your mind. Even if you think you know what the scene looks like you must see it in your mind before you can write the sentence
Nearly every time you concoct a new sentence - including this one - you create a brand new sentence, that has rarely been used before. I defy anyone to put a number on how many sentences
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