How can you create baby names using the parents' names?


One way to combine parents' names into a new baby name is to take parts of each name. A mother named Marielle and a father named Dan might name their baby Danielle. Parents named Larry and Karen might opt for a baby named Karry or the more unusual Laren. When a combination of the parents' first names is too obvious, their middle names are ideal substitutes.

If parents want to pass down a name to a baby of the opposite sex, they can use alternate spellings or variations. A father named Michael might name his daughter Mikka or Micki. A mother named Stephanie could choose Stefan, Stephan or Steven for a baby boy. Parents who want unisex names have a greater challenge. Sandra and Andy might choose Sandy, which works for both boys and girls.

Parents looking for unique names can move just one or two letters into the baby's name. Andrew and Sarah can use the A and the S to form Anna-Sophia or Ashley. Alberto and Victoria might have a child named Ava or Vance.

There are a number of online baby name generators to inspire stumped parents. Simply plug the parents' names in to create a list of unusual baby names.

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How to Create Baby Names Using the Parents' Names
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