Creatine Phosphate Functions in the Muscle Cell by?


The function of creatine phosphate is to store energy. This energy is than transformed into ATP to re-manufacture the ATP. This provides the sufficient power to do some work.
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Storing energy that will be transferred to ATP to re
ATP is used to create energy for the muscles by one phosphate molecule breaking off and into the muscles for energy. This then leaves ADP (Adenosine di phosphate) which is just 2
When acetylcholine is secreted from the past synaptic neuron,It will go into a synaptic cleft . In this cleft sarcolemma has some special junction folds . Acetyl. Attachs to special
Heart cells have both similarities and differences to skeletal muscle cells. Heart muscle cells are striated. The striations are due to the same myofibrils (composed of actin and
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