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With everyone on the Internet these days, it's hard to come up with creative email names for yourself or business. It seems as if all the creative email names have been taken. Some sites provide ideas for email names if the one you request is already taken. You can also go off the beaten path with names inspired by obscure literature, television shows, and movies. You could also open a dictionary or thesaurus. There are plenty of words and word combinations to choose from in just those two books alone. Most common email names are taken or the site has you place a random number at the end of the address to make it possible for you to have the desired name in any sort. Go strange and different for an email address and you will have a good chance of succeeding at finding a unique name.
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Make a set of emoticons out of yourself. Don't leave the recipient in any doubt about how happy, miserable, upset, or confused you are. (Don't forget to make one that winks): Embed
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