Who owns Creative Recreation?


Creative Recreation's original founders and owners are Robert Nand and Richard Cofinco. In 2006, Jai Beck joined the company as an active investor and head of production.

According to Creative Recreation, Nand and Cofinco joined forces in the fall of 2002 to design the kind of footwear that was lacking in the industry at the time. Their goal was to create high-quality footwear for the "emerging lifestyle consumer." These two men invented the "ultimate crossbreed of lifestyle footwear" by designing a shoe that was as comfortable as a sneaker with the integrity of a dress shoe. Creative Recreation considers creativity to be a driving force behind the company's success.

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Creative Recreation is a casual shoe company that has unique and colorful-designed shoes for men, women and children. The headquarters is in Los Angeles, and it was founded in 2002 by shoe designers Ricardo Confinco and Robert Nand. The two long-time... More »
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