How can you make a creative title for a presentation?


Creative titles for presentations refers to titles that creates curiosity among the audience. This makes them to be able to listen attentively. Titles that have contrasting ideas also evoke concern among the listeners giving the speaker a better way of expressing his or her ideas.
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1. Jot down the main themes in your story or essay. The themes are the main subjects your paper deals with, such as love, relationships or politics. Themes can also be the message
Here's a trick I've used with success in the past: set up your Mac to have 9 virtual desktops, then arrange your "slides" on each desktop using a combination of applications
I all depends on what your essay is sbout.
Hello, Sometimes, the most creative solution is to be simple and to the point. So, in my opinion the following titles would work well: 1. "The Problem" (What is the problem
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