What is a creative way to ask a date to a Sadie Hawkins dance?


There are many creative ways to ask a date to a Sadie Hawkins dance. Seventeen magazine provides a list of 10 ways to ask a date to prom. These ideas can also be used for other events, including a Sadie Hawkins dance.

The first idea is to leave a fake parking ticket on a date's car that is actually an invitation. The second is to deliver a pizza to a date's house with a written proposal on the inside of the box. A third idea is to create a word puzzle that has a Sadie Hawkins proposal as the answer. Getting friends to hold up a sign during a sporting event is another suggestion. Sending a funny Snapchat that asks a date to Sadie Hawkins could be less awkward, according to Seventeen.

Using candy bars to replace words in a poster that asks a date to the dance is a creative idea. An invitation could be written on a basketball and then tossed to a date in the hallway. A balloon could be tied to a date's locker with the words "Pop Me" written on it. Inside could be a slip of paper with a written invitation. Slipping a note into a date's locker with two boxes to check "yes" or "no" is another option. The last idea offered on the site is to send a date on a scavenger hunt and meet him at the final stop for a verbal proposal.

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Let me help you out with this one. You would say shut up fool, leave me alone. Now that's creative.
buy a bag of cholclate coins tell him to open it and put a note inside that say well then it only makes " CENTS" for me to say yes :
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