Creative Ways to Give Money as Gifts?


Sometimes, money as a gift can be a little boring and impersonal. There are many creative ways to give money as gifts, such as creating origami out of money or making a gum wrapper chain out of money. You can also create a money tree with bills as the leaves.
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Give money in what ever amount you want. My two favorite ways to do this are by creating several origami flowers out of dollar bills, and then creating a bouquet out of them. Another
You can give as much as you'd like, however if you don't want the person you are giving the money to to have to pay gift taxes on it, then the limit is $10,000 per person per year.
Everyone wants to give the perfect gift. It is a great feeling when you give someone a gift and you see the joy and appreciation on their face. A great way to get gift giving ideas,
My daughter received $ taped together end to end as a Christmas gift. We have a pictures of her wearing it as a boa around her neck. She thought it was great! Tape bills end to end
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From personal experience, finding creative ways to give money as a gift can be simple and easily done. For instance, you can write out clues for a scavenger hunt ...
There are a lot of fun and creative ways you can give teens money. Instead a box of chocolates, you can create a box of money with coins and dollar bills. Another ...
Using creative ways to give money as gifts and give gift cards can be fun. If the recipient has hobbies, you can disguise the money or card in something associated ...
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