Creative Ways to Give Out Door Prizes?


There are a number of known creative ways to give out door prizes. In most cases, this is done for children's parties and the person at the door hands out general party bags. One idea for this would be to dress up as the themed party guest and hand the prizes out in a fun manner, either by tossing the prizes into the air and allowing the guests to catch them or by having a fun hidden prize game for the guests.
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1. Choose one or more gifts to give as door prizes. Select a prize that will appeal to a wide range of guests. Consider scented candles, chocolates in a pretty tin or fancy hand soaps
Give money in what ever amount you want. My two favorite ways to do this are by creating several origami flowers out of dollar bills, and then creating a bouquet out of them. Another
1. Find owners and managers of a restaurant on Quora and ask them to answer this question. ;) Embed Quote
You could have someone ring a bell/blow a whistle and/or shout out an employee's name when they are next to where you have put a card with their name (like under the bases on the
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