What are some creative ways to say "yes" to prom?


Forums can be a great way to bounce ideas off of people. PinchingYourPennies.com hosts a forum in which people share real-life creative ways they have said "yes" to an event. One such example included someone filling a goldfish bowl with goldfish and a sign that said "Of all the fish in the sea
I'm glad you asked me. YES! I'll go to [the dance] with you."
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"Cherries are red, bananas are yellow, Of course I will go, you
1. Evaluate your own creativity and personality. It’s important to use your values, interest and skills whenever you’re trying to show people who you are. If you&rsquo
"Sure, I'd love to. Clasp your hands (not his just yours) either behind your back or rested in front of you. Try to be standing when asked. DON'T flutter your eye lashes. Do
you could send cakes in the shape of a million to his house made of candy and decorated in his favourite flavors over course this would seem more unique if you did it with all individaul
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Prom 2013
There’s a lot to consider when you’re getting ready for prom. Your hair, your makeup, whether you want to take a date… ah! Here’s a handy prom checklist that will make the preparations super easy.
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