Creative Ways to Say Yes to Prom?


Forums can be a great way to bounce ideas off of people. hosts a forum in which people share real-life creative ways they have said "yes" to an event. One such example included someone filling a goldfish bowl with goldfish and a sign that said "Of all the fish in the sea
I'm glad you asked me. YES! I'll go to [the dance] with you."
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"Cherries are red, bananas are yellow, Of course I will go, you
1. Evaluate your own creativity and personality. It’s important to use your values, interest and skills whenever you’re trying to show people who you are. If you&rsquo
There are sooo many cute ways. just think of something that going with how he asked you. Im sure if he asked you he would love an answer. (
you could send cakes in the shape of a million to his house made of candy and decorated in his favourite flavors over course this would seem more unique if you did it with all individaul
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Prom 2013
There’s a lot to consider when you’re getting ready for prom. Your hair, your makeup, whether you want to take a date… ah! Here’s a handy prom checklist that will make the preparations super easy.
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