How to Troubleshoot a Creative Zen Stone Plus?


The Creative Zen Stone Plus is one of the simplest portable music players with a minute storage capacity and a small LED screen. To troubleshoot the Zen in case of any problem you first have to make sure that it has been charged to turn the red light into green. Secondly, ensure your media is in the right format and download drivers if after fully charging it's still shows the red lights, all these with the help of manual. Finally, install the latest firmware and update it as soon as possible.
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1. Make sure your Zen Stone PLUS has been charged all the way. If it has been more than four hours, and your indicator light is flashing red, then your Zen Stone PLUS is in need of
1 Fix the skin. If you have the skin that comes with it, remove it. Ad
Not yet but if you look at the the ZEN STONE website you will find some filmware upgrades that will allow you to do so
The first thing is to check with an AC adapter or car charger and see if it charges that way. If it does then you know the PC cable is bad and will need to be replaced. You can always
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1. Open your Internet browser and download XNJB at (see Resource below) 2. Drag the XNJB icon to your Applications folder ...
1. Discharge the battery fully and then allow it to charge back to 100%. Like many other rechargeable electronic devices, Zen Stones can suffer from a "memory ...
Yes, the creative zen x-fi charger is compatible with the creative zen mx charger. It is also compatible with the zen mirco, zen mirco photo, zen neeon, zen stone ...
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