How do you get a credit card at 17 years old?


According to Creditnet, the minimum legal age to obtain a credit card in the United States is 18. However, there are other credit options for those under 18, including having a parent co-sign a line of credit or purchasing prepaid cards. explains that being 18 does not necessarily guarantee credit card approval. A person must first be able to prove that he has sufficient income to repay any debt he incurs through the credit card within the lender's time frame.

Creditnet notes that many parents open a line of credit and add their minor child as an authorized user of the account until the child is old enough to get credit of his own.

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I am a 17yr old girl that has been emancipated and have run in to this question myself. I have found that most banks cannot issue a credit card to a minor, emancipated or not, unless
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1. Visit the official Old Navy web site and complete the online credit application. Select the "Get a Card" link on the Old Navy homepage that will redirect you to a secure
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How to Get a Credit Card at 17 Years Old
Establishing credit at an early age helps you build a positive credit profile that will help you qualify for future loans, credit cards and housing. The longer your credit history is, the higher you can expect your credit score to climb--making getting a... More »
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