Cree Food?


The typical diet of food for the Cree Indians included buffalo. This was the main source of food, and was dried or cooked and made into Pemmican or soup. Cree food also consisted of berries that were collected fresh and either dried or eaten fresh. They also ate a lot of fish, deer, elk, moose, wolf, coyote, lynx, rabbit, and prairie chickens. They made a bread called bannock and also the Indian turnip which was a main diet staple.
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they ate lots of food like fish caribou rabbits muskrat. some fish they ate was lake trout, grayling, whitefish, herring. they also ate peppers, white and sweet potatoes, corn peanuts
The red meat was dried into jerky. the fish were dried as well. some of the red meat would be pounded into almost a mush and mixed with tallow, nuts and berries. Then stuffed into
The Cree Indians were primarily hunting people. Northern Cree hunters pursued caribou, elk, and moose, as well as smaller game like beaver and rabbits. The Plains Cree followed the
most of it was dried or smoked.
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The woodlands Cree are the same people as the plains Cree, living in a different location. In the woodlands, they hunted moose, elk and caribou as well as smaller ...
The main type of food that the Cree Indian people ate before there were grocery stores was meat. They were an Indian tribe known for their hunting skills. They ...
The Cree tribes, whether they lived on the plains, or in the forests, were all hunters. The Plains Cree hunted buffalo, and made their tepees out of buffalo hide ...
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