Creepy Crawlers Bug Maker Instructions?


The instructions for the Creepy Crawlers Maker are to place the different colored Plastigoop into the metal tray molds that come with the Creepy Crawler Bug Maker kit. Open the compartment of the oven and place the metal tray inside using the plastic spatula. Turn the on switch of the oven. The oven is on a self timer and should stop when the mold is done. You then use the plastic spatula to remove the metal tray.
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Unscrew bottom panel on Bugmaker and install 60watt small base candelabra bulb. Replace bottom panel. Place filled mold into cold oven compartment with spatula and remove spatula.
The Creepy Crawler Bug Maker Oven makes plastic
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Creepy Crawler Bug Maker Instructions
We all have our favorite nostalgic toys. From the Easy Bake Oven to Barbie to G.I. Joe, each of these toys has been around for generations. The Creepy Crawler kit came out in the 1960s and has had several reincarnations ever since. The toy allows kids to... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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