How to Change Teams in 'Cricinfo Fantasy'?


To change teams in a 'Cricinfo Fantasy' Click the TEAM CHANGES button. This can be found on your team screen. Select which player you want to switch from and click TRANSFER OUT. Select which player you want to bring into your team and click TRANSFER IN. Save your changes.
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ESPNcricinfo is a sports news website devoted entirely to the sport of cricket. The site features news, articles, live coverage of matches (including liveblogs and scorecards), and StatsGuru, a database of historical matches and players from… More>>
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1. Log in to your account on the ESPNcricinfo homepage by clicking "Sign in" and entering your email address and password. Click "Games" on the right side of the
This seems to be a term related to the sport of cricket but really appears to be a made up word with no real meaning. Kind of like a slang term for deriving information on the sport
Huge and complicated - that's all we can tell you :) Embed Quote
The first two appear to have six runs where it wasn't credited as a boundary to the batsman. The third is a 5 which won't turn up in the 4's or 6's column so i'm not sure what you're
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