What Crime Have You Committed If You Threaten Someone?


If you threaten someone of causing injury to him or any the important people to him, you have committed the crime called assault. Though there are different laws from every state about what constitutes assault, it generally involves threatening someone. Assault occurs when no physical harm occurs to the other person.
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The most severe is terrorist threats. Another View: In many states - verbal threats, that are. not accompanied by any means or method with which to carry them out. can be considered
If you make threats via text message you can be charged
If the threats being leveled against you and or your child may possibly turn violent, this is a serious situation that should involve authorities. Contact local law enforcement, report
1 Understand that threatening suicide is usually - stress usually - a way of regaining control of a situation that has gotten out of hand for a person. If you are the one who wants
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