Crip 6 Point Star?


The 6-point star means that the Crips are allied with several Folk nations who are against the People Nation. The 6-point start represents Life, Love, Peace, Loyalty, Respect, and Honor. This star was originally formed in honor of the Folk Nation's leader, David Barksdale, who died after being shot by one of the rival gang leaders.
Q&A Related to "Crip 6 Point Star?"
The 6 point star doesn't mean anything to the Crips gang. The 6 point star is something that represents gangs under the Folk Nation, such as the Gangster Disciples Nation, Gangster
The star stands for stands for love, unity, money, loyalty, wisdom,
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6 Poppin 5 Droppin BK ALL DAY. Source(s): KSWISS
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