What gang signs do the Crips use?


Crip gang signs were brought to the attention of the American public in the early 1990s. An example of one crip gang sign is bending the index finger at the first knuckle and spreading the other three fingers and thumb. The whole hand facing outward toward the person. Another is forming a 'C' with your index finger and thumb, with the other three fingers separated.
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Crips gang signs show alot they show C^ Bk which means blood killer they show C^rip love and six point stars which is also the star of david. The main C^rip color is blue and every
The Crips gang sign is either a C shape with your hands, or a double C
It goes like this <I am now forming a symbol with my fingers that you cannot see.
The Crips wear any shade of blue to easily identify each other. One suggested origin of the selected color is traced to Washington High School in South LA.
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