Criteria for Judging Competitions?


The criteria that is used for judging competitions will vary, depending on what the competition involves. For example, the criteria for judging a beauty contest could involve talent, knowledge, and looks. The criteria for judging a poster contest could involve relevancy to subject, originality, neatness, and use of color. For a pie making contest, the criteria could involve appearance, taste, and aroma. All contests differ and it will be up to the judges to determine which criteria will be used to pick a winner.
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I've judged about 20. Here's what I've learned and what keeps me increasingly in demand for them: 1. What are you judging on? Ask the MC / host / advisor what the criteria is. Are
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1. Watch for number and performance of jumps. More leaps and jumps in a routine don't necessarily add up to a better score. Look for placement, execution and poise of movement. Most
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