How do you crochet?


A crochet can alternatively be made by creating a ring, with a foundation chain, slip stitch, threefold crochet and then clasping it off. However when the work is done, cut the thread about 7cm from the work, permitting the movable end from side to side and the remaining loop on the hook should be jerked tightly so as to mend the movable ends into the wrong side of the work using a blunt-ended needle.
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Crochet Supplies, to Start. Crochet requires very little in the way of supplies. You’ll need: Crochet hook sized according to your pattern instructions. Hooks come in aluminum
Things You'll Need. Crochet cotton thread. Crochet hooks. Large-eye blunt needle. Starch. Instructions. Choose your materials. With crochet cotton thread, the recommended hooks are
Things You'll Need. Scissors. Yarn. Yarning needle. Crochet hook. Basket. Ziplock bag. How to Create a Foundation Chain. Make a slip knot on your crochet hook. Holding your crochet
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About Crochet
A hand-craft that is truly a work of art, crocheting is enjoyed by young girls, as well as elderly grandmas. Crocheting allows you to be creative in making shawls, blankets, doilies, Christmas ornaments and baby booties, all of which can be used on a... More »
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