How to Crochet?


A crochet can alternatively be made by creating a ring, with a foundation chain, slip stitch, threefold crochet and then clasping it off. However when the work is done, cut the thread about 7cm from the work, permitting the movable end from side to side and the remaining loop on the hook should be jerked tightly so as to mend the movable ends into the wrong side of the work using a blunt-ended needle.
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Crochet flowers are an excellent way to dress up an afghan, a sweater, a pair of booties or a hat and scarf set. When making crochet flowers, you can use two colors, one for the center
1. Hold the two strips of crochet together, right sides together. Make sure you're matching the corners to ensure the stitches are lined up accurately. 2. Insert your crochet hook
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Entrelac crochet is a pattern using a crochet stitch. To make the crochet Entrelac stitch you need a crochet hook and yarn. You start by making a slip knot on ...
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A picot is a decorative design used in crocheting which is made by crocheting a chain 3, 4 or 5 with a slip stitch. It can be used as a picot edging for the finished ...
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