Crochet Earrings?


If you know how to crochet you may want to consider making your own crochet earrings. All that you need are some earring hooks and a small amount of crochet thread. Choose a thread in a color that you like. You will also need a small sized crochet hook.
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1. Make three chain stitches using crochet cotton thread and a size US C crochet hook. Join the last stitch to the first with a slip stitch. 2. Make one chain and make six single
Raven Symone shows you how to make earrings using yarn. You will need yarn, a crochet needle, tapestry needle, silver hoops, pliers and earring hooks. Learn to crochet with Raven
There are two ways to create hoop earrings with crochet. You can create a loose hoop earring that dangles with just crochet thread and jewellery findings. Or, you can make a more
To see just how cool crochet can be, check out this crochet tutorial to learn how to knit a delicate scalloped crochet hoop earring that attaches to a normal hoop earring. Fashionable
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