How to Crochet the Edge of a Fleece Blanket.?


1. Use the ruler or measuring tape to mark dots around the edges of the fleece blanket. Make the dots about 1/4 inch in from the edge and space them evenly about 1/4 inch apart. 2. Take the sharp awl and carefully pierce the fabric through each dot.
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Do you crochet? If you did, it would be perfectly clear. When you make a hem, you fold over the edge, and sew it down. Then you cut INTO that hem from the outside edge to the sew
If you edges are not straight, it is likely because you left out the chain stitch at the end of each row. This decreases your stitches by 1 each row and changes the size. Another
This photo how-to teaches how to do the blanket stitch edging, made using a large-eye sewing needle threaded with a strand of yarn. Useful as a decorative edging on crochet.
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There are several different edgings you can choose from when crocheting baby blankets. One of the more popular edgings is the scallop stitch. Other options are ...
1. Place a slip stitch onto the crochet hook. Chain a long enough chain to go around the entire blanket. Lay out the chain along the edge of the blanket to ensure ...
To make a fleece blanket you will need to get you some fleece in your favorite color and print. Sew a border around the edges it that simple and quick. Look here ...
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