Crochet Hanger Cover Pattern?


Making crochet hanger covers will allow the clothes to stay firmly on the hangers. It also adds some pretty detail to an otherwise boring item. A simple Internet search will find lots of patterns for crochet hanger covers. Some are free, and some cost a small amount of money. After you have a pattern, some crochet thread or yarn, and a crochet hook, you are ready to make a hanger cover.
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1. Tie a slip knot in the end of a 2-ounce skein of yarn. Slip a size G crochet hook through the loop and tight it around the hook. Create 61 chain stitches and then turn the chain.
Great question! I was able to find some lovely crochet patterns for milk jug covers. Please take a look at these and see if any of these milk jug cover patterns would work for you
Yarn or thread? Plain or lacy or filet? Are you looking for the antique doily or prayer cloth that people laid over the family bible a century ago? Or a more protective cover? Here
Add to your crocheting skills by creating items for your home. This how to video is a crocheting tutorial that will show you how to make a cover for your hangers. Turn those ugly
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There are numerous sites where you can get a free crochet plant hanger pattern. These include sites such as craftstylish, purplekittyyarns and crochetpatterncentral ...
There are several options for covering wire hangers. They can be covered with cloth, crocheted or macrame'd. Instructions and examples of each method are available ...
Using a pattern it is easy to crochet a Kleenex box cover. The first step is to choose a pattern for a cover that perfectly fits a Kleenex tissue box and gather ...
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