Crochet Hat Patterns?


If a person wants to crochet a hat patterns they are available online or in some of the popular crochet magazines. Many of the hats are simple to make and great for presents and such.
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1. Crochet a gauge swatch in the stitch design required by the pattern. 2. Measure your swatch against the measurements given in the pattern. Proceed to the next section if your swatch
Go to this site to get a pattern and directions on how to crochet a
HMMM I've been looking around.…. And found this.…. Not exactly the same but kinda similar
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How to Crochet Patterns for Hats
Handmade crocheted hats can make a bold fashion statement or strike up a conversation full of compliments wherever they are worn. Easier to follow than most knitted cap patterns, crocheted hat patterns are typically worked in rounds that don't require... More »
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