How to Read Crochet Instructions?


Crocheting is a type of yarn work with needles. It is similar to knitting, but only uses one hook instead of two. To read crochet instructions, you have to follow both written and visual instructions.
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1. You need to learn how to translate the abbreviations in a crochet pattern. Get a pen and paper. "ch" is chain. "sc" is single crochet. "dc" is double
sk = skip.
(Continued from Page 1) . Photo © Michael Solovay. Complete the double crochet stitch. . Photo © Michael Solovay. Work another chain stitch, . Photo © Michael Solovay.and
Hi June, Are you seeing this in a pattern? If so, I suspect it is a typo and should read "Picot" not Pivot Let me know and then I can post some links for stitch tutorials
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