How to Crochet a Stuffed Animal?


To crotchet a stuffed animal, you start with a tube or a circle as the body, the head that looks like a tube or a circle and crochet those and you sew together. You stuff them with some sort of stuffing, fill and then you add arms, legs and ears that make them look different, like a rabbit you have to crochet long ears and for an elephant you crotchet big and wide ears.
Q&A Related to "How to Crochet a Stuffed Animal?"
1. Choose which animal you want to crochet. If this is your first time crocheting a stuffed animal begin with an animal that has an upright body, a circular head and four legs that
You can find a crochet pattern for a stuffed duck here:
If you go to q fabric land they have some pattern, its cheeper with online sewing stores though. As for unique animals there are few that people share on deviantART and other sites,
I haven't seen any free patterns for stuffed bunnies, but if you have a pattern you like that uses yarn, why not do what I do and crochet it in thread with your size 9 hook? It will
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