Crochet Scarf Patterns?


Free crochet scarf patterns can be found in many different books at your local library. You can also find crochet patterns for scarves at many different website locations. You can also find crochet patterns for a lot of other items, including mittens, sweaters and hats.
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1. Choose a solid color 3-ply yarn. Baby yarn will produce a soft scarf while the commonly used 3-ply worsted yarn provides warmth for winter wear. 2. Make a chain of 26 stitches
As you're aware, that is a knitted pattern. You're not going to get the same pattern any other way. You can crochet a scarf, certainly, but it wont have the wavy lines like that.
This quick, easy scarf is worked in long rows. There are only 6 rows to complete the pattern. A length for fringe is left at the beginning and end of the rows, so there is no weaving
1 Get your supplies. For a beginning crocheter, it is important to start off with the right materials. Your scarf should be in the 5-foot range, so you’ll need at least two
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