Crochet Shell Stitch?


To make a crochet shell stitch you will need to insert your stitches into one chain link for the actual shell. Start with one single crochet and skip two chains. Make 5 double crochets in one stitch. The skip 2 chains and do another single crochet.
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1. The shells and lace crochet stitch has a multiple of 6 + 2 chains. To work shell: 5 double-crochet in stitch indicated. 2. Row 1:RS) SC in second ch from hook, * skip next 2 chs,
1. Begin your crochet work. Work until you need to make your slip stitch. Ad. 2. Insert your hook into the indicated loop(s) or space. 3. Put yarn over your hook. Make sure it is
The photo above illustrates the beginning of row 4 of the. Shell Block Square. pattern, showing where to crochet the shell when the directions instruct to make "3 dc in space
What one crocheter finds difficult, another person might find easy, so it is hard to say which would be the most difficult stitch to work for you personally. The hardest stitch is
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How to Make a Crochet Shell Stitch
The shell crochet stitch involves skipping one hole, stitching four double crochets in one hole, skipping three holes and repeating the stitch down the row. Crochet a shell stitch with a demonstration from an experienced craftswoman in this free video on... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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A crochet can alternatively be made by creating a ring, with a foundation chain, slip stitch, threefold crochet and then clasping it off. However when the work ...
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