Crochet Shell Stitch?


To make a crochet shell stitch you will need to insert your stitches into one chain link for the actual shell. Start with one single crochet and skip two chains. Make 5 double crochets in one stitch. The skip 2 chains and do another single crochet.
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1. The shells and lace crochet stitch has a multiple of 6 + 2 chains. To work shell: 5 double-crochet in stitch indicated. 2. Row 1:(RS) SC in second ch from hook, skip next 2 chs
1 Begin your crochet work. Work until you need to make your slip stitch. Ad 2 Insert your hook into the indicated loop(s) or space. 3 Put yarn over your hook. Make sure it is not
A slip stitch in crochet is one of the simplest stitches besides the chain. How to do/perform the slip stitch. Insert the hook end of the needle into a stitch from the previous row
Okay, the way to do it is by making a half shell, either at EITHER end or at both ends. Next round, Make your regular shell. You can do that by making a few chains and then proceed
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How to Make a Crochet Shell Stitch
The shell crochet stitch involves skipping one hole, stitching four double crochets in one hole, skipping three holes and repeating the stitch down the row. Crochet a shell stitch with a demonstration from an experienced craftswoman in this free video on... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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