Crops Grown in Alabama?


The state of Alabama is leading wheat producing state in America. The main crops of Alabama are cotton, corn, soybeans and peanuts . Vegetables and oil seed are also important productions of Alabama.
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The main crops grown in Alabama are peanuts, cotton, corn, and soybeans.
Soy, corn, cotton and peanuts are important crops in Alabama. The largest money crop
Peanuts. Peaches. Pecans. Cotton. Soy beans. Wheat. Potatoes. Millet. Sweet potatoes. Watermelons. Cantaloupes. Source(s) Alabama resident.
Japan has more than 200 crops. Some native crops that the Japanese grow are wasabi, fuki (butterbur), kuri (Japanese chestnut), kaki (persimmon) and hakka (mint). Japan is also known
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