Crops in the Southern Colonies?


There are several crops in the Southern colonies. One of the main crops is tobacco, which was a cash crop then. The Southern colonies also grew indigo dye and rye.
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tobacco, rice, indigo,cotton, sugar cane, corn, and wheat.
All the colonies mainly consisted of Anglo-Saxon immigrants from England, Scotland, Ireland and a few other places. But the southern colonies were founded by people who were people
Corn and Indigo! Hope that helps! Cha Cha on!
When it was first introduced to colonial America in the 17th century, rice required a great deal of labor to produce. Originally, rice was primarily produced in the southern colonies
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The southern colonies consisted of South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland and Georgia. They were developed into prosperous colonies that made large profits off ...
Farming was a very essential part of life in the southern colonies. Crops were grown and either eaten or sold for cash. Commonly grown crops included tobacco, ...
The main crop grown in colonial Maryland was tobacco. Maryland produced iron, and factories in Pennsylvania. Virginia and Maryland were the Southern Colonies of ...
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