When a Fox Crosses Your Path?


There are many Native American totem beliefs that are attributed to certain animals. The fox spirit represents cunning and intelligence. If a fox crosses your path, it is believed that it is meant to open your eyes to perceive the world in a more clear light.
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Consider yourself lucky foxes tend to be very timid in the presence of humans and with their superior olfactory and hearing they can sense you coming from a ways away.
1. Go to the pond near the entrance of the cave and collect the fireflies. 2. Collect the bomb spores growing on a ledge above the pond. 3. Head down the main path through the cave
Because he was chasing the chicken? Thanks for that joke. Haha nice to be asked one.
He was chasing the chicken.
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cross fox
a red fox in the color phase in which the fur is reddish brown with a dark stripe down the back and another over the shoulders.
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