Crossword Answers?


Crossword puzzles are fun to do and they stimulate the brain. Many people enjoy doing them on a daily basis. One of the most popular crossword puzzles in the one published in the New York Times newspaper. The answers to a crossword puzzle are found through clues that are given alongside the puzzle. For example, a clue that reads 'Australian hopper' could have the answer of kangaroo. These answers are entered into a numbered grid and each word will interchange with one or more other ones.
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1. Find the website of the magazine that contains the crossword puzzle. For example, if you are doing a crossword puzzle from People magazine, then log on to their site to look for
what kind of crosswards.
1 Go here: http://dictionary . Go here : This site gives you two search options. Either enter the clue, or put in a word with
The answer is most likely SHUCKS. Embed Quote
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