Crystallized Lungs?


Crystllized lungs are also called silicosis. This is a disease that is similar to emphysema and symptoms such as dry cough, exhaustion, chest pain, shortness of breath, and fever. The term crystallized lungs is actually referring to the the scarring that occurs from the disease pulmonary fibrosis. There is little information known about this disease, hence the confusion in the description. It is known that this disease affects about two times more blacks than any other race possibly due to smoking menthol cigarettes.
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Silicosis is a disease of the lungs resulting from lengthy and
There are no "crystals" in your lungs after smoking Methamphetamine. The vaporised Meth get's completely dissolved into the bloodstream. It can cause the lungs to get irritate
Smoking -- even just a few cigarettes a day -- has been linked to many serious health risks. Up to half of all current tobacco users will die from a tobacco-related disease, some
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There is no proof that Menthol cigarettes will crystallize in your lungs. All cigarettes are a health risk and can cause birth defects and lung cancer. There are ...
They don't. Cigarettes destroy your lungs. ...
What do the lyrics from Owl City's Tip of the Iceberg, paint pours from your mouth like a waterfall / and your lungs crystallize ...
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