How to Tell the Difference Between Cubic Zirconia & a Real Diamond?


Cubic Zirconia looks real especially when not compared to the real item. The difference between Cubic Zirconia and a real diamond is that Cubic Zirconia is affordable as compared to the real ones, and the real diamonds are not transparent. Learn more information on Cubic Zirconias at .
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Cubic zirconia is a synthetic gem made mostly from zirconium dioxide. While zirconium dioxide is a natural substance, the cubic zirconia gems found in rings, bracelets, and other
a diamonesk is much more briliant than a cubic zircnia and does not dull with use as does a cz it looks a real as a real diamond and lasts a lot longer than a cz.
Mermaids are not real creatures. Purported sightings of mermaids are believed to be cases of mistaken identity, from people who are actually seeing manatees. There is a human condition
What ever you prefer is what you should go with,and that sounds like the cubic zircons,me on the other hand,prefers the real deal.
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