How to Tell the Difference Between Cubic Zirconia & a Real Diamond?


Cubic Zirconia looks real especially when not compared to the real item. The difference between Cubic Zirconia and a real diamond is that Cubic Zirconia is affordable as compared to the real ones, and the real diamonds are not transparent. Learn more information on Cubic Zirconias at .
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1. Perform a transparency test. Hold your gemstone up to a piece of newspaper. If you can clearly see the newspaper print through the rock, it's a cubic zirconia. 2. Breathe on the
What ever you prefer is what you should go with,and that sounds like the cubic zircons,me on the other hand,prefers the real deal.
You cannot clearly read through a diamond. Try to read
Look through the stones in natural light, if they are real the light will shine through them catching angles of the stones cut causing it to sparkle. The sparkles of a real diamond
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Cubic zirconia is made of a mixture of high purity zirconium powder. Cubic zirconia is less hard than diamonds and it is heavier. Real diamonds are actually 500 ...
Some fake diamonds, especially cubic zirconia, can fool most people. Real diamonds almost always have small interior flaws, but the outside of the gem should have ...
Good fake diamonds can fool many people, especially when cubic zirconia is used. You should check the diamond for internal flaws, most real diamonds will have ...
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