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Cultural diffusion can be defined as spreading ideas from one culture to another. In Anthropology and Sociology, this term refers to the spreading out of cultural patterns from one central points.
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it is the spreading of ideas or products.
Cultural diffusion (n) process by which a cultural trait, object,
Cultures certainly scatter when there is an economic hardship of widespread proportion. The Irish potato famine caused thousands of Irish to migrate to the United States looking for
I like Mark Templeton's answers, as seen in this 12-minute video: “A culture is about everyone belonging to something they believe in... something of great and higher purpose
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act of diffusing; state of being diffused.
prolixity of speech or writing; discursiveness.
Movies. a soft-focus effect resulting from placing a gelatin or silk plate in front of a studio light or a camera lens, or through the use of diffusion filters.
Meteorology the spreading of atmospheric constituents or properties by turbulent motion as well as molecular motion of the air.
Anthropology, Sociology the transmission of elements or features of one culture to another.
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A modern example of cultural diffusion is the ubiquity of Latin food in American cooking. Enchiladas, tacos, guacamole and salsa are cultural products that originated ...
We are immersed in cultural diffusion every day. When you eat a food from another culture, or see diverse people speaking in another language, that is what cultural ...
Diffusion is the movement of particle from a high consideration to a low absorption through the semi-permeable membrane. It moves substance s across cell membranes ...
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