Cultural Taboos in India?


Cultural taboos in India would be listed among the 'don't do this' in your guidebook when visiting that country. Some cultural taboos in India include avoiding shaking hands with a person of the opposite sex because it is deemed rude in India. You might also avoid stepping over or touching any books or papers with your feet. This is considered an insult to the Goddess of Learning. In India, a cultural taboo would including touching someone with your left hand.
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I would reckon a guess that at the onset, all books were treated with respect and revered, if for no other reason than the fact that they were scarce and expensive. Beyond that,
I'm not from India but I know an answer. They're not allowed to eat meat because they believe that a person's soul is in the animal. They believe in reincarnation. re·in·
The culture of the country of India is unique and differs from everywhere else in the world. It is a overwhelming packed and hindu society in the jungle with tigers and cobras in
1 You should not look upon the likeness of a dead person. 2 You should not hunt your totemic animals/plants.
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