Where can I find a Culver's menu with prices?


A Culver's menu with prices can be found at Fastfoodmenuprices.com. Prices may vary based upon location, so specific price questions should be directed to a local Culver's restaurant.

As of May 2014, according to Culver's, its signature combination is ButterBurgers and Fresh Frozen Custard. ButterBurgers are made from fresh beef that is cooked to order and served on a toasted and lightly buttered bun. A unique flavor of Fresh Frozen Custard is featured every day at Culver's. Some flavor choices include cherry chocolate chip, M&M swirl, salted double caramel pecan and red raspberry. Fresh Frozen Custard may be enjoyed in a cone or dish, as a sundae, or as a Concrete Mixer, which features custard churned with a variety of mix-ins.

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Restaurants generally target pricing menu items at 3.33x their cost (for example, if the filet of Salmon cost $10, they will try to price the Salmon dish at $33) This equates to food
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