How to Cure a Belly Button Infection?


You can cure a belly button infection by squeezing it using a clean warm cloth soaked in water. Wash the infected area using salty water. You can also rub the infected area with a cream, let it soak in for some time and if the pus has not drained apply hydrogen peroxide to clear the infection.
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1. Wash the belly button with antibacterial soap while showering. Gently rub the belly button with soap-lathered fingers and rinse well. Avoid digging the belly button with fingernails
You can try to clean it with hydrogen peroxide but if it is swollen, you have to go to the doctor. I had the exact same problem years ago. My belly button got scratched and it got
The next step is to remove the belly ring which you are wearing,
Not Medical Advice: Change the ring to a smaller gauge & use hydrogen peroxide to help. See an MD.
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