Curling Toes?


There are a few reasons why a person would have curling toes. You may have curling toes because you are stretching your muscles in your feet. Your toes may also curl during sex. This happens because the muscles respond to serotonin that is released during sex. Curling toes could also be a medical condition. If your feel that curling toes are a result of a medical problem, you will want to seek advice from a doctor.
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There are 2 muscles. There's firstly the Flexor Digitorum Brevis, which is a shorter mucle and attaches to I believe the 3rd phalange from the end of the foot in the shape of a needle's
Don't ask her if you can kiss her. To kiss a woman so that her toes curl, be assertive but gentle. Surprise her in a gentle and soothing way. When the moment is right, peer into her
A disease of chickens caused by a nutritional deficiency of riboflavin. A complete deficiency of the vitamin causes early mortality before the deformity develops. The toes are curled
Toes curling can be a sign of a muscle spasm. It could also indicate nerve
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The muscle that curls your toes are the shorter muscle which is called the Flexor Digtorum. Which is connected to the phalange. That is also in the shape of a ...
Involuntary toe curling might be caused by a physical deformity during the fetal stage of development. Sometimes a person will be born with toes that curl in a ...
To kiss a girl so that her toes curl, put a ton of passion into it. Put your hands on her face, and pull her in close. You want her to feel special. ...
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