Curly Perms for Blacks?


A very popular hair treatment (for both African American and Caucasian women) is perming. First you should wait about 48 hours before you wash your new curly hair. If you wash your hair before this time limit, then you risk washing out the perm chemical and de-perming your hair. Also you should never brush your hair. You must pick through it with a tooth comb so it won't become frizzy. 
Q&A Related to "Curly Perms for Blacks?"
1. Buy a curly hair perm kit that is most appropriate for your hair type and texture. Find a kit that includes a pre-curl softening cream and hair cap. 2. Part your hair into sections
1 Take your old t-shirt and cut it up into about 6 by 1 inch strips. Ad 2 Separate your hair and use a hair tie. 3 Take the strips and about a one inch wide of hair and roll under
Al Sharpton.
The permanent relaxer straightens the hair instead of curling it. T...
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