Current Issues in the Philippines?


There are several current issues in the Phillipines. Poverty is still an ongoing issue in some areas, with some people making very low wages. Additionally, overcrowding in some areas like Manila is an ongoing issue.
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One of the current issues or problems in the Philippines is the MV princess of stars that sank because of the typhoon. hope I'm correct! this 2009 the hot issues : Katrina halili
Philippines retains a claim to Malaysia's Sabah State in northern Borneo. Maritime
There are many social issues in the Philippines that dominate the political debate. Poverty has always been a problem. In the over-populated cities there are hundreds of thousands
Step. 1. Visit university websites frequently to learn about speeches and seminars offered by political science professors. Academics who live in your area will present research on
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The Philippine economy is currently facing the problem of cushioning the effects of the global financial crisis on the productive sectors as well as on the most ...
Too many girls getting pregnant. ...
Too many girls getting pregnant. ...
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