Current Javelin World Record?


Jan Zelezny holds the world's record in the javelin throw for men and is from Czech Republic. He threw the javelin 98.48 meters in 1996 and up to date no one has thrown it that far to beat his record.
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by usain bolt.
The longest distance of 98.48 meters was thrown by Jan
Hicham El Guerrouj of Morocco ran 3:43.13 at Rome on 7 July 1999. He narrowly beat out Noah Ngeny of Kenya in the race. There is a video of it here: The 1500m, which is slightly
The turbo is thrown in youth competition for the younger ages. You can see records and results at There would be different records for different age groups, and boys
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The Male Javelin Record is currently held by Jan Zelezny of the Czech Republic. He threw the javelin 98.48 meter in 1996. Jan holds up to all five of the top 5 ...
The current world record for men is 98*48 m/324 ft, achieved by Jan Zelezny ...
As at June 2011, the one hundred metres race record is 9.58 and 10.49 for men and women respectively. The men's record is held by a Jamaican sprinter called Usain ...
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