Current Price for Aluminum Cans Per Pound?


Recycling aluminum cans is a way to conserve natural resources and conserve energy. There is no waste to an aluminum can and it can be 100% recycled. When an aluminum can is recycled, you not only help aid in the fight against pollution, you also save of the waste that is put into our landfills. The price of recycling an aluminum can is around 51 cents per pound. This is the highest rate for any recycled product. This price does vary often.
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If you've been wondering the price of aluminum per pound you should know that it changes daily, but as of the time of this posting aluminum is priced at $1.15 per pound. You can find
The price varies from $.35 to $.75 US per pound aluminum cans.
45 cents per lb.
In Springfield MO, I got 62 cents per pound yesterday.
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