What is the current value of a 1936 Buffalo nickel?


The current value of a 1936 Buffalo nickel can depend upon the condition of the coin. The price of the Buffalo nickel can range from 50 cents to $25 dollars.
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These coins are also frequently called Indian Head nickels. Please see the Related Question for more details.
1936 Buffalo Nickel T-2 VG-8 $1.50 1936 Buffalo Nickel T-2 F-12 $2.00 1936 Buffalo Nickel T-2 MS-63 $50.00 1936 Buffalo Nickel T-2 MS-65 $100.00 1936 S Buffalo Nickel T-2 MS-65 $300.00
A 1936 Indian Head Buffalo Nickel is worth $0.35 to $0.40. The price
If the date is not determinable, the coin is probably not worth a lot over face value (i.e. five cents) Coin shops regularly sell "dateless" buffalo nickels several for
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The current value of a 1936 buffalo Nickel is approximately 50 to 75 cents. The D or S mintmark will be needed. Also the condition of the 1936 Buffalo Nickel will add to its value.
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