Current Value of Iraqi Dinar?


The Iraqi form of currency is the Dinar. This currency has undergone radical changes in value due to the economic and political upheaval since the beginning of the war in Iraq.
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The current value of the Iraqi Dinar can be determined by using an exchange rate calculator. One U.S. dollar is currently worth approximately 1,166 Dinars. The Dinar is not worth that much.
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1.00 US Dollar equals 1,165.00 Iraqi Dinar.
Many soldiers that were in the Iraq war purchased many Iraqi Dinar hoping that it would increase in value. The Iraqi Dinar should increase in price within the next 3-5 years as Iraq
Currently one US dollar will buy you about 1150 Iraqi dinars. This currency is not very stable; the value fluctuates almost hourly.
1 US dollar converts to 1,150.50 Iraqi dinars at the current time. Not that it really goes that far.
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1.00 Iraqi Dinar (IQD) is equal to $0.000865351 US Dollars. That means tha. ...
You can find out the current value of an Iraqi Dinar by going to a currency trading website or by calling a bank who deals in foreign currency. They can give you ...
The Iraqi dinar is currently worth about 1/10 of a US penny and will probably increase in value proportionally to the the stability of the country and the rebuilding ...
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