Current Value of Iraqi Dinar?


The Iraqi form of currency is the Dinar. This currency has undergone radical changes in value due to the economic and political upheaval since the beginning of the war in Iraq.
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1.00 US Dollar equals 1,165.00 Iraqi Dinar.
Currently one US dollar will buy you about 1150 Iraqi dinars. This currency is not very stable; the value fluctuates almost hourly.
1 Iraqi Dinar(IQD) is equivalent to 0.0009 US Dollar(USD) You can convert IQD to USD using a currency converter with live foreign exchange rates. here. Dinar was introduced as Iraq&
It depends. You need to specify the reference or the pivot currency. You want to know the how much 1 Iraqi Dinar is worth in what currency? US Dollars? Canadian Dollars? Yen? Francs
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The current value of the Iraqi Dinar can be determined by using an exchange rate calculator. One U.S. dollar is currently worth approximately 1,166 Dinars. The Dinar is not worth that much.
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