Curves Membership Fees?


The Curves membership fees are used for the services provided by the company. Curves gives members meal plans, exercises, and coaching each month as part of the fitness membership. The cost of the fees varies on the member, the plan, and the location. As of April of 2013, Curves offers members the meal plans, coaching, and exercises starting at $12.95 a week. Individuals who are interested in the program can sign up for a consultation at a local Curves. The consultation is free and there is no obligation to join.
Q&A Related to "Curves Membership Fees?"
1. Locate the original contract you signed when you first joined Curves. Information about terms and conditions of the branch you joined should be located on the document that pertains
the fees for i month membership is 5.99 dollars for 6 months is 22 dollars. for 1 year its 43 dollars.
Not sure but I think they have had it since day one. The company that was first in their business, Price Club, has a membership fee and Costco's founder was there. Later, the two
Your initial sign up at Curves is $79 and then it's $39 a month for...
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