Custodial Parent Responsibilities?


A custodial parent is a term used in a divorce where there are children involved. A parent that is awarded to be the custodial parent by the courts has physical custody of the child. A custodial parent should inform the child's other parent about what is going on with the child. It is the responsibility of the custodial parent to not take the child out of the state without permission. This does not always happen, however.
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to take care of the child also the other parent no matter if they dont have custody of the child
A custodial parent is a person that has the majority of the guardianship rights to a minor child. The custodial parent is usually the parent who has the right to make the decisions
The primary custodian provides housing and living arrangements for the person or child for which she has custody. Children live with the primary custodian more than they do with the
You already know the answer to your questions. Of course she is not caring for her son or meeting his basic needs. What to do? Have someone contact DSHS and have him taken into protective
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In Ohio, a child custody order is also called “allocation of parental rights and responsibilities.” A court can award joint custody to both parents ...
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