Custom Vans?


There are various ways that you can customize a van. You can paint your own unique color on it and you can customize the wheels on a van. Vans can also be customized to meet the needs of a handicapped person. You can customize a van with or without your own personal touch on it. If you own a business, you can customize a van by displaying your company name or logo on the outside. The price of a custom van may be more expensive than a normal van, depending on what has been done to it.
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1. Start by going to the official Vans website,, and selecting your country. 2. Select "shop" once you arrive on the landing page. You will see a link underneath
1 Markers- glittery, colourful or whatever, they're great! Add your own swirls or cute sayings - and voila! Now your shoes can do the talking. Ad
Some companies that sell custom vans include East Coast Auto Toys, Chevrolet's Explorer Vans, and Conversion Van Land. If one is looking to restore a per-existing van, they can do
VANS, Inc. 6550 Katella Ave Cypress , CA 90630
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In order to customize your Vans shoes, you could use markers. You could have someone who is an artist draw on the shoes for you. You can also use fabric pens. ...
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