Customer Experience Management vs. Customer Relationship Management? What's the difference?

Can anyone tell me the real difference between CRM and CEM??


Srikanth SESH (Founder & CEO, SmartConnect Technologies)
CRM -- It's more a process/touchpoint to be in constant contact with your customer, it may or may not have a strategy/tactics to manage the CRM SAT. For eg. Mobile users going thru a myriad of IVR options & eventually land with an agent, who doesn't know what is the customers preference thru the IVR results. Though this is relationship management, but not an attempt to create an enchanting experience.

CEM --- It's a method/practise/process of interaction to make sure that various engagements & touchpoints with customer, significantly drives up the relationship & eventual returns. For eg., mobile users being able to self-serve themselves, or a priority routing is handled in the system where the customer is greeted personally, provided the needful support right-then, is beyond relationship towards experience management.
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Mark Mondo (President, Mondo Media, Inc)
I have never heard of CEM , so I will keep my answer brief.

CRM is simply a combination of tools and procedures a company uses to ensure clients and prospects receive a great experience from them. CRM tools allow to you scale the process and tools to many users using different tools such as a PDA, PC, MAC or iPAD.

Mark R. Mondo
Barrett Powell (Technology Business Development Consultant, WBP Consulting, LLC)

CRM - Company facing to help manage the prospect to lead to customer to continued customer process and events.

CEM - Customer facing to deliver on the objectives of the CRM.
Matt Heinz (President, Heinz Marketing Inc)
Everyone's going to define these differently. For me, and for our clients, I like to think in terms of Customer Results Management, or Customer Outcome Management. Experience is important, but every customer has an outcome in mind. If we can manage them to that outcome and successful result, we'll have a customer and fan for life.
Jerry Fletcher (CEO, Z-axis Marketing, Inc.)
CRM is marketing and data base driven.
CEM is sales and interaction driven.

CRM is directed to identifying customers and maintaining contact with them based on their recorded activities and interactions. It is primarlily ocncerned with making them a repeat customer.

CEM is more concerned with the senses and the direct interactions of a customer with the sales arena, the presentation and product or service. It is designed to fit a few into the customer mold.

Neither, in my opinion deal with the complex interrelationship between the company and the movement of individuals from suspect to contact to connection to prospect and then customer.
Steve Smith (Founder, GrowthSource Coaching)
Customer Relationship Management is the practice of managing what is important to you. Customer Experience Management is the practice of managing what is important to them.
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