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Customer focus is about meeting the needs of the customer or even going above and beyond what they need. A business should be completely focused on their customer. You can achieve the happiness of the customer by being honest with a customer and doing what you say you are going to do. An example of customer focus is giving a customer a quote for a job and a time frame for getting the job done. Getting the job done under budget and earlier than the deadline will make the customer happy. In this situation, you have focused on the customer and not yourself.
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Marketing managers employ customer focus strategies when developing their products. They obtain input from customers regarding the features, sizes, dimensions, flavors, fragrances
1 Evaluate what goods or services you provide to a customer base. Your customer focus ideas are going to hinge on the key products or services that you offer. Ad 2 Use customer feedback
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Off the top of my head, other mainstream consumer analytics include: Youtube's stats area's statistics NY Times' Data Visualizations (too numerous to list) Tweetmeme's "
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Customer focus refers to an organizational orientation toward satisfying the needs of potential and actual customers. This concept is usually enforced by the customer ...
Customer focus refers to the process of improving the relationship between an organization and its customers. This provides an organization and its public to interact ...
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